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tv   Today  NBC  October 14, 2015 2:07am-3:00am EDT

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from nbc news, this is "today", with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> right, hodi? >> right on, right on. >> who is that. >> that is rachel platten. it's her new song, "stand by you." >> it's tuesday, october 13th. we're glad you're with us today.
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he keeps things very hot on chicago fire. now find out where taylor kinney is heating things up next. >> he was downstairs with his mother. nothing sweeter than seeing a boy and his mom. >> and he loves his mom, you can tell. >> and she's going to turn potato soup into joy food. i like how you ladle. >> ngs that thank you, hoda. >> and the hollywood beauty who never seems to age. and she's just had a one-year anniversary. so we're going to find out how she's doing. some of the most famous pop songs reinvented like you've never heard before. these guys are called -- >> well strung. >> from bollywood to hollywood,
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the neiman marcus dream gifts. any way, wherever you turn, somebody's talking about kathie lee gifford. >> this happened on the late, late show. >> not late enough. >> nathan lane was asked, which talk show host was most intimidating. take a look. >> on some of these talk shows, which one was the most intimidating? >> kathie lee gifford. terrifying. [ laughter ] >> no, i would say, i would say that really, oprah. oprah, because she's oprah, she's like a supernatural being. she's all powerful. >> all right. there you are. you're intimidating. >> let's keep in mind that he's actually a very miserable man, okay? >> exactly. don't you forget
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so great news for chrissy teigen and john legend. >> we're happy for them. >> they posted this picture on instagram. they're going to have a baby. as many of you know, we've been trying to have a baby for a while now. it hasn't been easy, but we keep trying because we can't wait to bring our first child into the world and grow a family. we're so excited that it's happened. >> she talked on her show about ivf and the struggles she's had with it. she's 29 i think. >> you know, when you're young and in shape and you feel like it's going to be the most natural, easiest thing in the world. >> right. >> and i think it comes as a surprise sometimes that it's not happening as quickly or as naturally you'd like. >> we do love those two. they've been together since 2007 and married for two years, since 2015. now our friend billy eichner. >> he is a whack job, but we
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>> he wanted to show chris pratt like a dose of humble pie. >> he's the star of the top-grossing film "jurassic world," and in guardians of the galaxy. >> he's also "people" magazine's sexiest man of 2014. >> so here's the question posed to people on the street. do you know who he is, who chris pratt is, so take a look. >> this is one of the biggest stars in the world right now, who is it. >> i have no idea. >> do you know "guardians of the galaxy"? >> we don't watch tv. >> it's movies! >> who is it? >> oh, you're an actor. >> yes. >> liam? no. >> no! >> the biggest star in the world right now. hollywood reporter says, who is this? >> i don't know. >> okay, thank you. >> for a dollar, look who it is. >> i don't know, who is it? >> hottest star in the world
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right now. >> oh, my god. >> what's his name? >> chris evans. >> no, chris pratt! >> who are two stars, name two stars. >> and what did they say? >> something like j. lo and matthew mow dean. panicky. >> they went matthew modine? >> that's so random. "the voice" was on last night and this is the battleground. team pharrell, and we're going to guess. ain't no mountain high enough ain't no valley low enough to keep me from you no, no, no, no
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ain't no valley low enough ain't no river wide enough to keep me from getting to you babe >> that's hard. they're both terrific. who would you say? >> i think i'd say the girl, but i don't know. they're so good. >> celeste, but maybe somebody can pick the other one. >> let's see what happened. [ applause ] >> pharrell, who is the winner of this battle? >> the winner of this battle -- is mark. >> moves on to the knock out. >> anything you'd like to say to pharrell? >> just thank you. of course you want to move on, but, you know, it's not over,
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>> no. whatever my lot thou has taught me to say it is well with my soul it is well. it is well. >> ladies and gentlemen, a big thank you to celeste benton. >> oh, my gosh. >> how did no one steal her? >> i don't know. with that attitude, though, she is going to be fine. thank you, jerry, for all you >> i love her. >> let's have her on. we like her. >> we like her a lot. finally, from team adam, regina versus jordan. >> okay. let's see their battle. why are you lookin' down the wrong road
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there may be lovers who hold out their hand they will never love you they'll never love you they can't, can't, can't oh, oh, oh, they'll never love you like i can they won't love you like i can, can, can, can >> oh, wow. >> they are so talented. >> i think they went with jordan. >> i'll take regina. >> tough decision, we know. but who is the winner of this battle? >> the winner of this battle is jordan. >> jordan's going to move on, representing adam levine. >> let me remind you, regina is
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>> there's your steal! >> yes! >> you are back in the game! >> save your voice, regina! >> how about adam's head, do you think he's a good-lookin' bald man? >> hm-mm. >> he looks much better with hair, right? >> i think so, but he doesn't care what i think. >> no, he doesn't. >> you went to see marlow and something last night. >> it's called "clever little lies" off-broadway. and marlow's going to be with us next week to talk about it, anyway, we're all being very quiet outside. that's alley. >> i went to california over the weekend to see my children. i want to suggest to everybody, i haven't been to the movies in a long, long time. they send screeners or they set up -- and if you haven't seen it, i have no desire to see "the intern", none, and it was fantastic.
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it's a nancy meyers movie. and i love her writing and directing and with anne hathaway, it's adorable. it's not going to change your life, but you'll enjoy it. >> don't miss it, because you just might win. we're going to give it away later. then one look at him and you can see why ladies go gaga. >> that's very funny. >> where's your mother? >> mom's hiding. >> mom's hiding. she was nervous. she was nervous. she thinks i'm going to pull her
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so, where there's smoke, there must be something hot and no one's hotter on tv right now than taylor kinney. >> for the past three years he's been melting hearts on chicago fire. now he and the rest are heating things up for a fourth season. >> but someone's about to be hit with bad news. >> oh, no. rank. >> what? >> i'm really sorry, kelly. happening. >> the captain will be taking over command of squad three, effective immediately. >> but i'd like you to remain with the company. your reputation as a firefighter
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is not in question. >> no, just my ability to lead. >> ooh, which is worse. >> i don't like that. i get demoted because there's a my company. so over the years, you know, it's been, fourth season, so different people, they say, oh, yeah, you get dinged. it's your fault. >> that's not as an actor. >> it gives me tons to play with. brian white, the actor that you saw there, he doesn't take my role, but he's a captain and i have to answer to him, which is new for me. >> wow. authority. >> but it also does give you the opportunity for a new love interest. >> sure. i have to go to management training to get back on track and i meet someone there, and we kind of hit it off and help each other get back on -- >> back on. >> speaking of love interest, can we talk about your real love interest? >> sure. >> you and gaga were on the red carpet, and it was one of the pictures that went crazy viral,
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this shot. i guess maybe we haven't seen you guys together like that, the geral public, but what was it like watching her on-screen when she was involved in, how would you describe it, kath? >> an orgy. >> the premiere was in los angeles, and i couldn't be more proud to see what she's doing now, and i think she killed it. i was sitting with her father, watching these love scenes, which is, >> love scenes? >> called orgy. >> orgy. >> how did her dad handle that? >> i, i don't know. i'm not going to speak for him. it was kind of >> awkward? >> awkward. i remember ryan murphy, i was talking with brian murphy after. and he goes what was your favorite part, and i, i don't now what i said, but i couldn't think of anything.
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>> very gory, too. adorable? and she happens to be standing baugher. your mom. >> are you proud of your mom? >> yes. >> what if he was the one up there in an orgy, would that have been a problem for you? >> a little bit. >> your mom's adorable. >> yeah, she -- >> did she always encourage you acting? >> yeah. it was kind of new. i never really, it wasn't something in high school. it wasn't something that i was vocal about until i did it. >> yeah. >> when did you do it the first time? >> college, theater. elective. it. and mom's been supporting me since. >> way to go, mom. >> she's adorable. word. >> taylor, thank you so much.
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>> when the show first started, we were really happy for you. "chicago fire" returns tonight right here. coming up, gabriele union with her union and her basketball beau. and what is it like being mary jane? u think it smells fine, but your wife smells this... sfx: ding music starts luckily for all your hard-to-wash fabrics there's febreze fabric refresher it doesn't just mask, it eliminates odors...'ve gone noseblind to woman inhales till it's fresh and try pluggable febreze... continuously eliminate odors for up to 45 days pluggable febreze and fabric refresher two more ways [inhale + exhale mnemonic] to breathe happy. take a look at these bbq trophies: best cracked pepper sauce... most ribs eaten while calf roping... yep, greatness deserves recognition. whoomp there it is uh, yeah... well, uh, well there's this one.
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when you look at this woman, this fine specimen. >> look at her! >> you'd never believe it's been 15 years since the gorgeous gabriele union broke hearts in the hit movie "bring it on."
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last season's big cliff-hanger involved a car crash, and we were worried about you. need we be worried? >> she's alive! >> she's alive! >> is she doing somebody? >> she should. >> what happened? >> she's in the car, and she overhears her ex-boyfriend, the love of her life butt dialed her. and he's in her kitchen with her best friend talking about how they've been hooking up for years. >> and she was listening. >> and she listens to it, and show she's so overcome she gets in a car accident. >> who's she madder at? >> ooh, you don't always have thee ghest expectations, but her friend that they've been friends since they were little kids -- >> you were on fallon last
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>> i had the best time. >> i think we have a little clip. >> we did a bit where we are a principal and vice principal of a high school a song and dance. >> this year we have, finally, cell phone reception in the school. so all of you internet heads won't be distracted by your smartphones and your app. that means you can't use your facebook at this school cause we blocked it cause we blocked it you're not a robot you have a voice box >> cute, did he have to talk you into that? >> no, i'm such a ham. i live life, it's like a big adventure. she's on the top of the world
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and the only explanation i can find >> can't hit that high. >> speaking of that, your life is going very well. >> to that younger man. dwyane wade. >> he's like a cher ub. >> yeah. >> he's giving you zoo lander and all that. >> how has it been, one year of marriage. you're a year out. is it like it was in the beginning? >> it's 1,000 times better. we weren't the best girl friend and boyfriend. >> usually it's the other way around. >> my first marriage was not so good. south. there was a shift, like three days before our wedding. it was like the weight of the world was lifted off of him. and a lot of people feel like marriage is like the end of freedom, it's like the end of fun, the end of everything. and for us, it's literally been like the freedom and the security and the safe place to
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to be. and we're having the best time enjoy each other. >> are you excited when it becomes basketball season? i'm working. so right at the start of the season i start a new movie that producing. >> it's fancy? >> normally i'm home around this time and i can be a cheerleader. but this year the cheerleader had to go to work. >> you're also a step mom to his kids. so you're busy in that department, too. >> whatever you're doing, it looks great on you. we're happy for you. >> "being mary jane." >> premieres on bet.
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it's booze day tuesday, and nothing screams the holidays like bollywood dancing. >> that's right. we're talking about the holidays because neiman marcus is out with the much anticipated 2015 christmas book. and ginger reeder is here with the goods on all tastes. >> explain the beautiful, wonderful bollywood dancers. >> this lovely, these dancers are from a dance troupe here in new york.
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to india for two people, a 12-day trip. and it is first class all the way. and it is private planes between cities. everything's taken care of you. concierge, everything. >> will you get a dance lesson? >> you get a dance lesson and a video of you doing a session on. >> and this is in the book? >> yes. it's the most expensive item. >> how much is it? >> $400,000. >> show us our next gift, if you will. will our next gift please come out. >> keanu reeves. >> hi! >> how are you? >> good morning. >> what are you doing here? >> i'm here with the neiman marcus limited edition motorcycle and experience.
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>> i'm a co-founder of the motorcycle company and part of the experience. >> does that mean we get to ride with you? >> yes, you get a weekend or two days with the owner of the bike and a friend and we just go ride in california up the coast. >> what if you don't like the people? >> you share in the passion of motorcycling. >> and what's that going to cost you? >> $150,000. and it's a limited edition of three. we've already sold one, so there are only two left. >> we hope you have good people to ride with. >> thank you so much. >> we would say merry christmas, why not. >> we've got sol other great gifts on the table. >> yes, we do. us? >> all the gifts on this table are under $100. people. i love this iphone case shaped like a shark.
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there may be somebody who deserves it. a fun little push toy. just an old-fashioned toy. >> no motor, no nothing. >> a gray, leather flask. >> if you need that. >> yes, we do. >> we have a commemorative neiman marcus platter for 2015 and it comes in a great gift box which is always a nice thing. this set of champagne flutes. a great zebra tray, it would make a great gift to keep jewelry in, coins. >> we always have a great array of -- >> what kind are you? >> i'm caramel. >> and we've got cookie jars, chocolate chip cookies. and then >> ah-oh. >> a faux fur dog coat. $80. >> a faux fur dog coat?
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you know how it is, that 2:00 snack attack hits and you grab a bag of chips. >> now you can indulge without the guilt because our "today" team wants to turn your junk food into joy food. joy bauer has come up with healthy alternatives. >> i think you will be happy. the first comes from leslie gann from knoxville, tennessee. she loves creamy, dreamy, indulgent broccoli soup. on average, it's 230 calories. i'm going to show you how simple you can make this from scratch, not only drive the calories way down, under 100, but also protein. >> wow. >> here are the ingredients i'm using. broccoli, onion. vegetable broth. my secret ingredient to provide
2:37 am
a creamy texture is can lee knee beans. and if you want we're going to put some cheese on top. for you we will leave it off. i have a chopped onion i'm sauteing over here. i'm going to now throw in eight florets, and the vegetable broth. you let it simmer for 10 minutes. >> so it gets a little mushy gushy. >> put that immersion blender in up. >> ooh, it's hot. >> are you okay? >> yeah, yeah, yeah, but that's fascinating. >> it works! and then you have a cup for only 85 calories. you're going to season it with a little bit of salt and pepper,
2:38 am
and if you want a little bit of cheese, just put two tablespoons of shredded cheese on top and it only adds four extra calories. let me get the carrots. five grams of protein and five grams of fiber. >> what? >> two carrots up! woo! >> that is so good. >> very good. joy! >> thank you. it's so simple. the next one comes from kris chris morrow. he loves salt and vinegar potato chips. an ounce is only 150 calories. we could do way better. so we are making parsnips and carrot salt ven gar inegar chips. >> you take a peeler and make strips like this. parsnips. dip them in white, distilled
2:39 am
i've sprayed the baking sheets with oil spray. then we're going to lay these out on top in a single layer. put them out there. you're going to put a little bit of salt on top, you pop them right in the oven on 300 for about 15 minutes. then you take them out, flip them over, fill a water bottle with white, distilled vinegar. put them back in the oven for another 15 minutes. that's it. >> are you sure? >> you've got to taste these. [ crunching ] >> oh, my gosh. >> these are good. >> if you want more vinegary flavor, you could add more vinegar. >> okay, joy. two carrots. >> i'll do hoda's. >> all the recipes are on the website.
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the city concert series on "today", is proudly presented to you by city. president obama and a sunday mass at the vatican, and we're glad to have them back, well strung. >> these guys are famous for their pop mashup and their latest album, "popsicle", just debuted. >> trevor, daniel, edmond and hello, gentlemen! >> you're taking this show on the road, huh? >> vegas is up next and all across the country. >> you're going on tour, sold out tour? >> numbers are good.
2:43 am
>> tell us about the new cd. >> it's called "popsicle". we're so excited about it. we've been working on it for a long time and we've found a great sound for us. >> what are you going to play for us? >> we're going to do a mashup of lords royals. >> take it away, guys. i've never seen a diamond in the flesh i cut my teeth on wedding
2:44 am
and i'm not proud of my address in a torn-up town no source of envy chippin' in the bathroom drivin' cadillacs in our dreams but everybody's like diamonds on your team piece we don't care you'll never be royal let me be your -- you can call me king and baby, i'll let me live
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my friends and i we count our dollars on a train to the party and earn veryone who knows us knows that every time we're here we didn't come from money but chippin' in the bathroom fall down in the hotel room we don't care cadillacs in our dreams but everybody's like diamonds
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don't care we'll never be royals it don't love in our blood that kind of luxury for us thing me be your ruler you can call me king and baby, i'll rule let me live that fantasy [ applause ] >> love that. >> that's music, hoda! >> thank you. >> the cd is called "popsicle." >> if you can use a lift, don't
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what do you say we make five lucky viewers very happy because it's time to -- >> give it away. >> it's a new face trinity with facial trainer plus an attachment worth $450. i love this! i use it all the time. >> it's gilded in 24 karat gold. it contours the cheeks, the
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it targets the crow's feets, the smile lines and we have them all. >> first person is sandra cutty from virginia. >> second person is jenny kronehold from maine. >> then patricia strom from norfolk, nebraska. >> then i've got, who are you? come to me? birth garcia, san antonio. >> and nancy paredes from new hampshire. >> make sure to enter next week for the prize. go to klg and hoda. >> tomorrow we have frank sinatra junior. >> and the ar dis tist of the month.
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